Barbara E. Adams Ritualistic
Excellence Award Program



 We are very pleased to announce that we will continue the Barbara E. Adams Ritualistic Excellence Award Program again this year.  Testing for the Brothers will be the speech in the Initiation on pages 86-87 plus first full paragraph on page 90.  (If any Brother wishes to be tested on the long form, they may – pages 87-90.)  The Sisters will be tested on the Conductress’s work on pages 81-83 (she must give the Sign and Pass of each Degree, the Salutation Sign, and the Grip of the Order and finishes by walking behind the new Member and going toward the Signet).

 A team of Judges will judge each entrant’s work.

 Recognition will be given to those Sisters and Brothers who score 90% or better in the above categories that are being tested.  All participants will be given a certificate for their effort.  Those who score 90% or higher will be recognized at the Grand Chapter Session in June 2015.

 All members in good standing are eligible to participate in this year’s program.  You do not need to be an officer to participate.  You will be asked to present a current dues card.

 To participate in the Conductress’s work you will be asked to stand in the East and do the work on pages 81-83 with the Worthy Patron.  As soon as you finish your Salutation Sign, you will approach the new member to give the Grip of the Order.  After giving the Grip of the Order, you will finish by walking behind the new Member and going toward the Signet.  Signs must be given properly; we suggest you check with your Deputy Grand Matron for the proper way to give the Signs.

 Sisters may wear street length dresses or formal white attire.

 Brothers may wear business or formal attire.   

 The Brothers who are tested for the speech in Initiation (pages 86-87 and paragraph on page 90) will be either in the East as the Worthy Patron or in the West as the Associate Patron, whichever station you prefer. 

 We ask that all participants use the 2009 version of the Ritual and the latest Standard Floor Work.  Each participant may have ONE PERSON of their choice as an observer in the testing room.  We would appreciate after the participant has completed her/his presentation, she/he would not speak to anyone about the experience.  This is to ensure that no one has any type of advantage.

 Judging will be on the following:

               Proficiency of the work – both oral and floor work

               Pronunciation of the words and phrases

               Exemplification of the Signs – see pages 20-21 SFW.

               Exemplification of the Secret Work



               Emotion and feeling for the work.

 A copy of the score sheet for your event will be sent to each participant along with her/his testing appointment information.  This way you will know how the work will be scored.

 Please study your Ritual, Standard Floor Work, and the correct way to do the signs.  We ask that you encourage other members in your Chapter to participate in this worthwhile Program.   We invite you to join us in this endeavor and have another wonderful Eastern Star experience.

Conductress Testing

Worthy Patron/Associate Patron Testing

For more information open the following links.  Be sure to Check these links for how you will be tested and scored!

NOTE:Adobe 9.0 or newer is required for successful submission through the Web. If you do not have the latest version, you should PRINT the form and submit it through the mail

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Revised:  18 January 2015